Anaïs Julie Cerise Kugel.


Julie Cerise is a french photographer.
After living in the USA,
she started capturing moments of life, here and there.
Quickly, she discovered a deep passion in the process of creating images.

Her imagination nourished by her dreams allows her to use
the world as an infinite stage in which she sets up reverie like sceneries and surreal environments.

Self taught, her curiosity has yet been the best teacher.

Storyteller of her own kind, Julie Cerise invites us to
wander in her imaginary world.
PARUTIONS Let's Motiv, France, february 2009. SHUT MAGAZINE, Scotland, may 2009. H MAGAZINE, Spain, september 2009. The Scientist, USA, october 2009. Let's Motiv, France, november 2009. Let's Motiv, France, january 2010. Causette, France, march/april 2010. Causette, France, may/june 2010.

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